In today’s business world, you need to find solutions quickly on the fly that work without reinventing the wheel.

SOLVERION helps to find the right model, method or tool whenever needed. Classroom type of training and reading books helps; however, we aim to bring your toolbox right to your workplace – in the way you need it to deliver your work successfully and smarter. Good consultants and projects managers develop their toolset in view of their problem situation – the not so good ones rely on some standard stuff that they gained elsewhere and redefine the problem so long until it fits to the toolset they have.

SOLVERION is the enabler for the compilation of your ideal set of frameworks and tools for your problem – and to ensure that the real problem is tackled.

SOLVERION supports creative, constructive and time-efficient smart working without wasting your time re-inventing the wheel and search for hours on Google to get to excellent results.


Your Pain Points and Needs.

Your challenges and
pain points

Solverion will make you more productive if any of these challenges and pain points apply to you:

  • you have a tool library, but it is too generic or not comprehensive enough,
  • your collection of methods is not pre-defined enough for the specific requirements of your company,
  • you have some tools / methods but without instructions – users don’t know where to start and what to do,
  • you have 'knowledge silos' within your users – it is not accessible / not visible, or there is no mechanism to define and share all relevant information for a standardised structured approach.


Solverion will make you more productive if you can recognize any of your needs below:

  • users need to be able to browse and discover what’s available in your type of ‘knowledge library’ or go straight to the best suitable information for his problem. Both options need to be easy and quick to use.
  • if a user needs guidance with finding what he is looking for, there should be a user path and instruction for that – passive and interactive.
  • users also need multi-media instructions and explanations via pre-populated examples and not just text descriptions.


Any professional who is working in a project context

Individuals and freelancers

  • “I am too small to afford and don’t have the time and resources for knowledge management; however, I have to deliver in short time frames just like the big guys.”
  • “I don’t have the manpower to upskill myself quickly for this new assignment (or the proposal I am tendering).”
  • “I have my own trusted repertoire of tools – just a bit limited at times and nowhere to go to find good stuff except 3-4 hours on google and then making up my own stuff afterwards. Fun but not under time pressure.”

Small Start-ups

  • “We can’t afford expensive external business consultants to guide our start-up, and we don’t want to learn “start-up theory stuff” but want to focus on our business as quickly as possible.”
  • “We need pragmatic help/guidelines to deliver on the essential important aspects of the business plan.”

Any project office

  • “No more hours crawling through active directory folders and clumsy sharepoint archives.”
  • "Internal and external project managers (PMs) all do their own thing – using their own way of working -”10 projects, 10 different project status reports, project plans formats, 10 different ways of defining the problem-project objective, etc. Or no standards are available to dictate to external resources the company’s way of working. So frustrating."

Individual project managers



Covering more industries-domains-topics
than just project management

Most Friendly

Easy to search, use, store, access – (plus coaching, training, mentoring add-on services to drive/embed Solverion with the users


SOLVERION is a globally unique collection of frameworks, methods and tools that does not exist anywhere else in this form and format

Value for money

Awesome value for money. Instead of wasting time on google to stitch together information, the payback is achieved after
the first use


Regular use will expand your skill level and range of tools, thereby ‘sharpen your saw’. Remember, if you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Keep on top of your game with SOLVERION


Offering the whole package top to bottom – from business frameworks to instruction steps and tasks (including ready-to-use-and-matching downloadable project plan templates) and then the famous tools…and also templates with each tool


Perform at your best with SOLVERION


SOLVERION enables you to perform at your best and work more efficiently on your project delivery and on what really matters, without wasting time on finding the right frameworks and formats.




+250 TOOLS


Based on a unique Amazon bestseller with many published and unpublished methods. Tested by experienced consultants, academic professors and international project managers

Editable Templates

SOLVERION also provides +130 templates in Microsoft Powerpoint/Word/Excel/Visio format, which are editable and ready to use


SOLVERION provides illustration diagrams, video and audio tutorials to support learning and application

Easy to use

SOLVERION is easy and intuitive to use. A world-class search capability helps you to find what you need and looking for

Typical questions.

We care about your security as much as you do and do everything possible to protect it. SOLVERION's protection includes using secure, encrypted communications like HTTPS and SSH and firewalls. Our servers are located at high-security data centres in Germany and Ireland. Private data exchange between the site and you happens via secure encrypted SSL communication channels. We maintain a secure and safe environment for all users.

We use appropriate data collection, storage, processing practices, and security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of your personal information, username, password, transaction information, and data stored on our site. We can however not prevent all instances of human error and illicit user behaviour. Please see our data privacy policy.

Once you signed up, you have 30 days to explore Solverion. We will contact you during the period to make sure you are not stuck with any problems and that you become a happy customer. At any time during the trial period, you can start your paid subscription under your profile > billing. After 30 days, your free trial ends and you need to pay your subscription plan in your profile > billing section to continue using the service. You can start your paid subscription at any time by going to your profile > billing section.

We offer two different type of subscriptions. The single user version does not have the option to add or edit content. The other plans (we call it multi-tenant) offer a full customisation option for companies from 1 to 10,000 employees.

Solverion has currently 9 (nine) topics - we call them 'areas' - and each incorporates management frameworks, models, tools and templates. They are: project management, problem solving including design thinking, corporate / IT transformation, enterprise architecture, strategy & marketing, business improvement, change management and organisational development, coaching & counselling, and Start-ups.

We user a chat and messenger service. There should be a green icon at the bottom right of your browser window for you to contact us and leave a message with your question in case we are offline. In certain browsers like Firefox, you need to disable 'content blocking'. Click on the shield icon in front of the URL link to open the preferences window and then disable content blocking for the solverion site. Refresh the page and then the green chat messenger icon should appear on the website in the bottom right corner. If not, use the support link in the footer to email us.


Case Studies.

Add-on Services.

Our experience suggests that although the online based guidelines on how to use SOLVERION are very helpful, it may help to get some more hands-on practically oriented support to embed the use of SOLVERION with the users.

On-demand coaching
and training

Our Coaching can be combined with our training or booked independently. It is a hands-on support on the job with the aim to enhance the understanding of the Solverion content and to ensure the proper application. Another coaching area may be the selection of the adequate frameworks and tools in view of a specific project or business situation



Our experience suggests that although the text-based guidelines on how to use SOLVERION are very helpful it may help to get some more hands-on practically oriented classic classroom training. The core of the training are exercises that are based on real cases. Ideally, participants benefit directly by solving some of the problems that they are currently working on. Participants can contribute their own cases to the training. The training is delivered by Nicolai Andler or other licensed SOLVERION trainers. This is a premium SOLVERION service. Please contact us for more information



Consultants provide their advice to their clients in a variety of forms. Reports and presentations are often used. However, in some specialised fields, the consultant may develop customised software or other products for the client. Depending on the nature of the consulting services and the wishes of the client, the advice from the consultant may be made public, by placing the report or presentation online, or the advice may be kept confidential, and only given to the senior executives of the organisation paying for the consulting services


In the News.

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Start-up award price winner

The initial version of Solverion won the 3rd price in the Swiss start-up competition (SwissInnovation Challenge 2015). It has developed into a much more comprehensive and fully customisable service since then.

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South African Sunday Times, book review July 2010

“...a treasure trove of tools that can be used by managers to tackle problems…clear and easy to navigate. It is a unique reference work and guide for those wanting to learn about or who are active in the fields of consulting, project management and problem solving in general.”

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amazon.com review

“...the costly trial and error eliminated by Nicolai’s careful explanations and facilities in this book, mean not only many man hours saved, but exceptional leverage gained.”