Customisable Management Frameworks, Tools and Templates

SOLVERION is your management knowledge system with +250 business methods, frameworks, tools and ready-to-use templates


SOLVERION is the only online business methods service that is covering the whole scope from business frameworks to tasks to tools to templates.

Most professionals have the same work pattern when it comes to projects: wasting time going through document archives, directories or searching google to find reference material and templates.

SOLVERION solves that.

To help project managers, consultants and other professionals

To solve business and
project problems

In a cost effective and
timely manner

Quick Guide.

When to use SOLVERION.

  • When a challenge comes up that cannot be tackled with the same routine as others. Based on your search criteria, SOLVERION suggests the adequate frameworks or tool-set.
  • Whenever you as a consultant, analyst, problem solver or project manager are about to ‘reinvent the wheel’ in a routine business situation and looking – again – for a framework or technique that helps with your project work.

SOLVERION is perfect for ...

... any professional who is working in a project context.

Individual Freelancers

SOLVERION provides affordable access to relevant instructions and ready-to-use templates

Start-up teams

Start-ups don’t need management theory, SOLVERION provides affordable access to relevant instructions and ready-to-use templates for a start-up situation

In-house consulting units

Each person has their own ‘treasure chest’ of well-known frameworks / tools, which are not shared (“knowledge is power”), not known, not agreed amongst the others -> no standards, no coherence, no consistency, no governance, no comparability.

Consulting beginners

SOLVERION is also ideally suited for consulting beginners that have no solid knowledge of the basics in consulting – basically everybody that starts in a consulting or project
management environment

Niche consulting companies

We have a small pool of methods that we use, however, we are restricted in our offering on what we can reuse. If we want to go beyond the existing and tackle new topics and cross-sell into a new area, we are limited. This unknown territory is risky without access to the right knowledge.

Start-up Incubators

We can’t afford expensive external business consultants to guide our start-up, and we don’t want to learn “start-up theory stuff” but want to focus on our business as quickly as possible. We need practical help/guidelines to deliver on the essential aspects of the business plan. Start-up incubators and start-up coaches need a reference base that they can customise/ make their own so that can refer all start-up companies to the same material.

Content Architecture.

Content Architecture

SOLVERION’s content architecture is based on a tree structure, which guides your navigation and retrieval of information.

Breadth of Content

SOLVERION’s content is continuously updated and expanded.

Currently, there are 9 areas (= business topics) with 45 frameworks, which contain 64 action steps that are underpinned by 80 tasks and activities.

Over 250 tools help to structure and guide your thinking and communication for your implementation of these steps and tasks.

Additional resources in the form of ready-to-use templates, examples and tutorials will enable you to perform at your best, so you can work effectively on what really matters, without wasting time on finding the right processes and formats.



60 TASKS &s; 90 TASKS

+250 TOOLS

How it works.


Browse and drill down to find underpinning steps, tasks, tools or templates.


Use the google style search function to find what you are looking for.


Rename, add, hide, edit, upload. Customise all the provided content in your tenant - as you see fit for your company.


It is not about what Solverion can do – it is how SOLVERION changes your life and way of working.

SOLVERION enables you to perform at your best and work more efficiently on your project delivery and on what really matters, without wasting time on finding the right frameworks, formats and layouts.


A comprehensive warehouse full of expertly compiled business knowledge that is broader, deeper and solid – for you to deliver and perform at your best

Ready to use

Ready to use business methods software (SaaS) that stops reinventing the wheel and helps you to get your job done better and faster – within minutes

Easy to use

No more wasting hours on google to find instructions and templates for your project challenges.
management environment

Safe to use

Secure and protected work area – safe to store your documents. SOLVERION only uses trusted and reliable service providers for all their IT infrastructure and
support services


Experts at work

Lots of content

Safe payment gateway

Continuously updated

Skilled support

Secure IT infrastructure

What customers say.

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Tanja H

Head of an in-house consulting unit

“Tools alone are not the answer – users don’t know where to start and what they actually need and where to find it. SOLVERION provides all that and saves so much time.”

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Robert S

Director of a boutique consultancy

“We need to re-use whenever possible and don’t re-invent the wheel every time. It is great to have examples of pre-populated templates to make it real and easier to apply.”

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Frank M

Freelance project manager

“I don’t have the manpower to upskill myself quickly for every new assignment. SOLVERION accelerates my learning curve and is an essential application.”